The Bayou Country Music Association Proudly Flies the Flag for Independent Artists

I'm happy to announce that Pro Country and the Bayou Country Music Association have partnered up! Our first order of business with the partnership is to introduce our respective outlets; the inspiration behind them, where we hope to take them, and more! First up, hear from BCMA founder Jacob Soileau about creating the BCMA, his... Continue Reading →


Korey Rose is Set to Deliver “A Cool Drink of Water for Thirsty Country Music Listeners” with Upcoming Album

In an era of country music where it's becoming harder and harder to find that classic country sound of yesteryears, it's easy to look at the state of country music with a glass half-empty mentality. Kentucky-born and raised singer/songwriter Korey Rose is doing his part to fill those cups, filling his to the brim with... Continue Reading →

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