Very kind words from some of the great artists I have worked with over the past year!

Thank you so much for working closely with me on this to create what has now become my favorite print interview of my career.- Michael Peterson


Thank you, Justin – for the time and tremendous writing. I encourage all of you to check out his work. – George Ducas


Justin asked me questions I always wished a journalist would ask me. These aren’t softball questions. Those of you who know me well know I may never get a chance again to tell my story to someone who cares this much about country music, and because of that, I am answering his questions as openly and honestly as possible. – JD Myers


This was honestly one of the best interviews I have had so far. The questions were very unique and really made me think! – Kristen Foreman


This is probably one of the most personal interviews I’ve ever done! Thank you Justin from Pro Country for asking such great questions. – Hailey Verhaalen


One of the best interviews I have done. – Ashton Dupré


Thank you Justin, for bringing this interview to life! You are incredible! Thanks so much for what you do for artists such as myself!- Billie Jo


I want to send a huge THANK YOU to Justin Loretangeli of Pro Country of the beautiful reporting on my musical career. I’ve been lucky to speak to many journalists over the years, but Justin was one of the most prepared, which I really appreciate.- Leslie Tom







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